trying to understand behaviour of Constant Throughput Timer

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trying to understand behaviour of Constant Throughput Timer

Krister Nilsson

I have a test plan schematically looking as below. Since I have two Bean Shell Samplers which I do not want to be affected by the Constant Throughput Timer, I have put the CTT as children to all the HTTP requests. It has the desired effect as far as not affecting the Bean Shell Samplers.

However, I am surprised as the CTT does not add a delay for all HTTP requests, only for the HTTP request which is used most frequently (i.e. having the highest percentage set in Throughput Controller). Let's call that request "HTTP request 1". Any other HTTP request gets no delay, no matter if it is executed in the same loop as "HTTP request 1" or by itself in a loop or together with some other HTTP request (than #1) in the same loop.
The same property and tpm is used for all CTTs.
Someone who can straighten this out for me?

Thread group
|__ Once only controller
        |__ Bean shell sampler
|__ Switch controller (A or B)
        |__ Simple controller A
               |__ Throughput controller 1
                      |__ CSV Data set config 1
                              Bean shell sampler X
                              Bean shell sampler Y
                              HTTP request 1
                              |__ Constant throughput timer (${__property(tpm)})
               |__ Throughput controller 2
                      |__ CSV Data set config 2
                              HTTP request 2
                              |__ Constant throughput timer (${__property(tpm)})
               |__ Throughput controller 3
                      |__ CSV Data set config 3
                              HTTP request 3
                              |__ Constant throughput timer (${__property(tpm)})
               |__ Throughput controller 4
                      |__ CSV Data set config 4
                             HTTP request 4
                              |__ Constant throughput timer (${__property(tpm)})
        |__ Simple controller B

Best regards
Krister Nilsson

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