setting the loglevel in distributed testing

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setting the loglevel in distributed testing

Ivan Rancati-3

first of all thanks for the 5.1.1 release (and all the previous ones).
I am running tests in distributed mode (non-gui) and I need to debug a
particular sampler (a OS Process Sampler) that is failing.
I have tried to start the test with:

but  in all 3 cases I only see an entry in jmeter.log
INFO o.a.j.JMeter: LogLevel: Jmeter=DEBUG
then no further DEBUG log entry

I assume it's because I need to pass the switch to the remote jmeter-server
instances instead
is there an easy way (for example with the -G parameter) to pass the
loglevel to the remotes? Or should I just restart jmeter-server on the
remotes with the appropriate loglevel?

My configuration for both controller and remotes:
jdk 8
JMeter 5.1.1
Ubuntu 18.04

Thanks and best regards,