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atris adam
I have a web server, I am using the jmeter for the stress test, but
unfortunately I can not test the web server with jmeter very easily.

I have  apache-jmeter-3.3, when I have 300 thread with file size 10M to
upload, in some cases, jmeter returns  error:
"org.apache.http.NoHttpResponseException", but when I test with 200 thread
with file size 200M, in most half of the cases, this error is returned.

I have googled alot, I have found this page:

which says that, the error is created because of httpclient.

unfortunately I did not understand what the page is saying about httpclient
and I should change the httpclient?!!

can anyone guide me to overcome this problem?
should I really have to change the httpclient?if yes, how. if no, how can I
overcome this error?

thx alot