jmeter guidelines for Git version control

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jmeter guidelines for Git version control

Jordi Salvans

In our organization we have being using jmeter since 4 years. In this time we created, manage and execute our jmx scripts through a network drive to share and work in the scripts with our partners.
Currently, we want to upgrade this procedure with Git, to use the advantages of version control like branches, pull-request, merge, conflict resolutions,...

However, we don't know how to approach to Git with jmx files. The main doubt that we have is how to compare jmeter scripts in a pull-request if this scripts are compared as XML files, and how to merge both jmx scripts if they are XML files and there are some conflicts on theme.

I found some forums where people use Git with jmeter to upload their own scripts, however they don't describe a guideline or process for a multiple people working on the same scripts.
Is there any guideline or considerations to make when trying to use a version control over jmeter scripts?