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back end listener fields

Walker Mellema-3
I've added the backend listener to my load test and I see the following
fields in InfluxDB:

    ["avg", "float"],
["count", "float"],
["countError", "float"],
["endedT", "float"],
["hit", "float"],
["max", "float"],
["maxAT", "float"],
["meanAT", "float"],
["min", "float"],
["minAT", "float"],
["pct90.0", "float"],
["pct95.0", "float"],
["pct99.0", "float"],
["startedT", "float"]

This does not match the fields listed in the documentation here:

Am I missing something?

Walker Mellema

Walker B. Mellema  |  Senior QA Engineer  |  m +1 415.420.5513