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Posting about this issue on Stackoverflow:

> I have successfully set up jmeter to make requests to a server authenticating
> with kerberos, but I see that jmeter is re-authenticating with every request.
> In the server access logs, I see two requests to the server for every attempt,
> the first requests results in a 401 status response, and then jmeter replies
> properly and the server generates a 200 status response with the expected content.
> I'd like to set it up so that jmeter only needs to do the handshaking
> negotiation and trip to the kerberos KDC once rather than with every call.
> Is that possible? I hope it's just a case of configuring it in my krb5.conf
> file, but my searches didn't come up with anything.
> Here's my krb5.conf file:
>> JMeter {
>> required
>>      doNotPrompt=false
>>      useKeyTab=false
>>      storeKey=true
>>      debug=false;
>> };
>> Thanks
>> Adam

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Re: failure notice
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 1. I don't think you need the quotation marks around paths and this `FILE:` bit is not required as well, like:
 2. Why you are using both ticket cache and keytabs, one should be enough (unless you need to test fallback scenario)
 3. What operating system you are using?

I recall solving the problem with something like:

<quote> { required

And setting the following registry key (Windows 7)


Value Name: allowtgtsessionkey
Value Type: REG_DWORD
Value: 0x01  ( default is 0 )

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