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Felix Schumacher
Hi Arnold,

sending this to the users mailing list, as others might be interested in
the topic, too and my answer might be completely wrong.

Am 24.01.20 um 09:41 schrieb [hidden email]:
> Hi Felix!
> The mailing list wont accept my subscription due to an nay-saying error, sorry for writing you directly. Anyways, I hope you can help me out here! :)

Wouldn't it be better to address that problem than to ignore it?

> I am currently writing a plugin to ease some company-internal workflows via JMeter. Is there any (easy) way to extend the newly added "Tools" menu with custom entries?

I think you have to add a MenuCreator class. That class will then be
called during JMeter's initialization and can be used to attach menu
entries to the tools section.

I looked at JMeterMenuBar#findMenuCreators, JMeterMenuBar#makeToolsMenu
-- which calls JMeterMenuBar#addPluginsMenuItem(_, _,
MENULOCATION_TOOLS) -- and CompileJSR223TestElements.

Perhaps you would like to extend the docs on plugin development to
include an example of extending the menu bar (after you have finished
your task at work :)

Grüße aus Deutschland


> Best regards from Austria
> Arnold
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