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Looping thread groups

Bo Bodnar-2

I'm looking for hints as to how to attack the following problem (I can't
find anything about this during a web search):

I've a few thread groups (call them A, B, C, but there could be many more).
I want to run them in order A, B, C, A, B, C, etc.  If there are a few
number of thread groups and this loop number is low, then running them
sequentially inside jmeter is a solution (but not a clean one).  For
example, A, B, C, A, B, C.  However, if the desired looping is high, then
this approach does not scale.  Since I'm the tests off of Linux or a Mac
and if the run time is fixed then running this whole thing in a shell
script is trivial; for example, I've three .jmx files (say, A.jmx, B.jmx,
C.jmx) I kick off jmeter for A.jmx and run it for an hour, shutdown, pause,
run B.jmx, shutdown, pause, run C.jmx, shutdown, and so forth as many times
as desired.  This approach scales.  Given this background:

Has anyone in the users' list done anything like this?  If so, would you be
so kind as to share your solution?

Thank you,


   Bohdan L. Bodnar                                                                  
   Lead Performance Engineer                                                        
   E-mail: [hidden email]                               222 South Riverside Plaza
                                                                    Chicago, IL 60606
                                                                        United States
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Re: Looping thread groups

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People normally use Test Fragments and Module Controller or Include Controller in order to handle such situations.

Another option could be using CI systems or shell scripts.