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Load Testing

Brijesh Vinayak Anghan
Load testing of a web application using Jmeter:

The first (main) screen  of the application consists of two frames.

1. Navigation Window

2. Transaction Window


Upon running the main page of the application, the following series of
events take place:

1. A Butler object is created and configured to get values from Butler

2. These values are then stored in hidden variables using PostData

3. A servlet then retrieves these values and assigns them to
corresponding variables of a Data Transfer object  and puts it into a
session object.  

4. When the main page is loaded, values are retrieved from the Data
Transfer object  in the session object and displayed on the  Navigation
Window (NavigationWindow.jsp) of the main page.


When we try to load this main page (NavigationWindow.jsp) using the
JMeter for Load testing, the Response we get is partial and we get an
"Error: 500" message displayed towards the last.


Please provide pointers regarding the same.