Jmeter display issues in HiDPI screens + user manual information probably wrong

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Jmeter display issues in HiDPI screens + user manual information probably wrong

Shay Ginsbourg

On page:

The following text appears:

The HiDPI mode isn't currently support by Java Virtual Machine 7 or 8 on
Linux or Windows, so JMeter with a HiDPI screen can be very hard to see
(little icons and chars). You can improve the JMeter's display on HiDPI
screen by changing some properties:


set to true to activate a 'pseudo'-hidpi mode allowing to increase size of
some UI elements


set to 2.0 to scale the size of some UI elements


with these values: 22x22 (default size), 32x32 or 48x48 (Suggested value
for HiDPI)


with these values: 19x19 (default size), 24x24, 32x32 (Suggested value for
HiDPI) or48x48


1. None of the above actually helps. Is there a better solution available?

2. I posted on QUORA a simple question:

Which Java Virtual Machine supports HiDPI display?

The answers that was giver is as follows:

These are unrelated things, a JVM does not use a display at all, let alone
a high DPI one, if you’re asking about Java UI toolkits, JavaFX supports
high DPI just fine on Windows and Mac.

So is the information on right or wrong ?


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