Jmeter converting "\\\" to "\\" in the http request

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Jmeter converting "\\\" to "\\" in the http request

Soumya Nayak-2
Hi All,

Jmeter v 5.2.1

A post http request to an endpoint is failing due to JMeter converting "\\\" to "\\" in the post's body data. After the conversion, JMeter sends an invalid JSON to the server and it responds with failure response. The client is expecting the request to be sent with \\\.

So I had defined parameters as part of http request and in that parameter I am sending the whole JSON which looks like as below (partial part of the JSON) which consists on triple slashes at some part, but when Jmeter is posting the request instead of triple slash its posting as double slash where its failing. So how can we avoid the removal of one slash here.

[{xyz":0,"abc":"[[{\"Elements\":[{\"QS\":\"\",\"MQS\":\"\",\"TypeC\":\"\",\"Id\":11,\"R\":false,\"KTime\":\"0\",\"AllKVal\":\"\",\"V\":false,\"KVal\":\"1\",\"IsGreen\":false},{\"QS\":\"\",\"MQS\":\"\",\"TypeC\":\"\",\"Id\":16,\"R\":false,\"KTime\":\"9909/ Page No:0\",\"AllKVal\":\"H,L,N,\",\"KeyFrom\":\"{\\\"PG\\\":1,\\\"Zoom\\\":41,\\\"POS\\\":{\\\"L\\\":0,\\\"R\\\":1051,\\\"T\\\":0,\\\"B\\\":1804}}\",\"V\":false,\"KVal\":527,\"L\":\"HLN\",\"abbr\":\"\",\"IsGreen\":false,\"IsTitle\":2,\"IsAcco\":2,\"IsM\":false}]

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