Jmeter OAuth2 authentication

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Jmeter OAuth2 authentication

Hi All,
    I am using Postman to get access_token . When I do request token,

Website asks for username and password and then I get access token.  I want
to automate this process

Using Jmeter, without any user intervention.

  I don’t want to type in username/password in browser. I want to send all
such details through Jmeter.

How can I do this ?

On Postman I use following:  (*OAuth2*)

   - Grant Type: Authorization Code
   - Callback URL:
   - Auth URL:
   - Access Token URL:
   - Client ID:
   - Client Secret:
   - Scope:
   - State:
   - Client Authentication: Send client credentials in body

Best Regards,

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Re: Jmeter OAuth2 authentication
You need to provide a  redirect URL
<>   where you will be
routed by the authentication endpoint, normally it's the URL of the website
where you need to type the credentials.

If you want to fully get rid of this UI-based part you could use i.e.  HTTP
Mirror Server
as the target for this redirect URL and extract all the necessary dynamic
values from the redirection request using a suitable JMeter's
Post-Processor, i.e.  Regular Expression Extractor

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