Issue with Config Element "jp@gc - Directory Listing Data Source"

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Issue with Config Element "jp@gc - Directory Listing Data Source"

Nayak, Soumya R.
Hi All,

I am using JMeter 3.3 and in that using plugins manager , I had added a config element "jp@gc -  Directory Listing Data Source" which picks up the files from a directory and then we process the files based on sharing across the threads.
The observation was with more no of files, what was happening is that duplicate processing of files is happening that is one file is processed more than 1 time.
For eg:- I was running a test for 6900 XML files from a directory sharing across the threads uniquely using the above mentioned element and at the end I could record results of around 6995 output files and also once  ended up with 7232 output files which means 95 and 332 files respectively were again processed which are duplicate records.

So anybody had experienced the similar issues with the config element ? or how it can be resolved using this config element or is there any other way to pick up the files from the directory and sharing each file uniquely across the number of threads defined.


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