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Puneet Varma
I am creating multiple record and it generate ID as follows:

I would like to capture all of the id when I create a new record and able
to use it in the csv file and go to another screen to approve the record
based on the IDs.  Anyway to do this?

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Re: ID
Your "ID" value is utterly like to be a  GUID
<>   so you can
extract it using  Regular Expression Extractor
<>   configured

1. Reference Name: anything meaningful, i.e. *id*
2. Regular Expression:
3. Template: *$1$*
4. Match No: if you have >1 IDs in the response and you would like to have
them all - use *-1*. If you want a random one - use *0*. If you want the
first one - use *1*, etc.

See  Using RegEx (Regular Expression Extractor) with JMeter
article for more information if needed.

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