I really enjoy all new Halloween stuff

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I really enjoy all new Halloween stuff


I need help  locating a gif. It is an old one about animal crossing and it's pretty much but instead it is a fatter pudgy boy looking at the display,This won't work for handheld mode, but my son asked me to buy a few adapters that let you use a Xbox or PlayStation control on the change. They work well, so if you already have additional controllers around that is an option.The joycons that came with my launch day change still work flawlessly surprisingly

I really enjoy all new Halloween stuff, particularly the pumpkin farming! Plus the response and eye/skin color.I'm curious if November upgrade is gont bring something for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. I hope it has more fall items before winter comes though.I hope those character choices remain past October!I do not see why they'd restrict it. It is safe to say they will both be added together

Shame there's no Brewster this time around, however growing pumpkins ought to be enjoyable and opens the door to the discharged vegetable growing mechanic.Vegetable growing has capability to bring me back in extended term, provided that they perform more than furniture using it.Exactly, whenever they incorporate a new mechanic it finally boils down to grinding for novelty furniture sets that I never use anyway. Idk what they should do to make crops interesting, unless they add cooking recipes or something, but I truly hope they could somehow make it more worthwhile than themed furniture.

Oking recopies have been datamined so I think it's a pretty safe assumption. Especially since everything else we've been awarded was likewise in the same datamine.If veggies are any indication there should be clothes since well.Might be a new way to make money also, crop Moon style

I've always felt brewster made sense as part of a winter upgrade, personally. Like, they might have him sell hot chocolate in addition to coffee.He did did this (sell hot chocolate) on Valentine's Day at New Leaf.Sure, it is possible to drink coffee and hot chocolate, but I guess that's a fantastic use of those vegetables that are allegedly going to be inserted at a future update.Maaaaybe, together with the doughnuts and sandwiches, the vegetables and such will come into play, too, since I am jealous Lionel can considerably on a doughnut  and I can not. Doughnuts are delicious Lionel, that's why you discuss with friends. Please.

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