How to reuse tcp connections of the same user ?

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How to reuse tcp connections of the same user ?

Li, Yeqing

here is my test settings with apache jmeter5.0:

Test plan ⇒no check
  Thread Group⇒Number of threads(users):120
                  ramp-up                 :10
                  loop Count              :forever
                http sampler⇒Basic       ⇒ http、IP、port
                                             method:get path:/docs/changelog.html、follow redirects、use keepalive
                              Advanced     ⇒ httpclient4、Retrieve All embedded resources、parallel downloads.Number:6
                header manager ⇒same as IE 11

httpclient4.idletimeout = 5000
The server side also has keep-alive on and keepalivetimeout is 5s.

I tested many times with the above settings,when I check the client tcp connections by netstat, I found the tcp connections not being reused.
The paraller downloads.Number is 6 and the users is 120,Can jmeter reuse tcp connections(6*120)of the same user?


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