How to analyze/read 'Runtime Aggregate Report' listener ?

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How to analyze/read 'Runtime Aggregate Report' listener ?

Jayashree K
Hello All,

Can anyone throw some light on how to analyze figures displayed in
'Runtime Aggregate Report' listener ?

How Average is calculated finally in its total? What importance does
total have ?

Response for all the request are received in milliseconds. When i total
up average time of all the request, value comes somewhere to 74961. But
finally, in total, it is displayed as 5023. How this figure is arrived?

Simulateneously, I have kept a watch as how much time it took to
execute full scenario. It took almost 1&1/2 - 2 minutes to complete
scenario (If i consider total of average response time per page...that comes to approx similar to the time i checked manually, while script was executing) .....but why in aggregate report figures are like this? I mean why total is 5023. How is that possible?

Can anyone clear me on this....finally how much time it took to
complete 1 scenario ? From where can i get this figure?

Help required urgently.

thx in advance,


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