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HTTP2 Plugin

Kishore PS
Hi Team,

Did any one got a chance to simulate http2 requests using jmeter?

Http2 sampler plugin gives the response as compressed format. We can’t do
assertion or correlation on that. How do we handle it? (Removing the
accept-encoding header won’t give the actual response time)

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Re: HTTP2 Plugin
If you ticked "Synchronized Request" you can decrypt the response (I assume
it is  gzip-compressed
<>  ) by
adding ad  JSR223 PostProcessor
<>   and using the
following code:

> prev.setResponseData(new
> ByteArrayInputStream(prev.getResponseData())).bytes)

If you need to do this for async requests it won't be that easy as duplex
asynchronous nature of HTTP2 is not inline with JMeter threads model, you
can reach out to JMeter Plugins developers and maintainers at  JMeter
Plugins Support Forum

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