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Hi All,

I have a scenario wherein i have to export the values(the details of group
of people) from a webpage in either a CVS or PDF format in my local. The
response was success When i recorded this scenario in jmeter. When i added
recorded samplers in the thread group and ran them, i received success
response with 302 response code. But the sample time is very less when
compared with F12 time(manually captured it using F12 developer tool).

It is a POST request when i recorded it. In the results it's showing 3
different child samples out of that 1 is POST and the remaining 2 are GET
requests. And 1 additional request with blank request.

The below is the structure:

1 /WebPages/Common/abc.aspx?mhsghgsjfgjsdg
 -child1 (POST request)
 -child2(GET request)
 -child3(GET request)
1 /WebPages/Common/abc.aspx?mhsghgsjfgjsdg (blank request)

It's a C# application. Even for some other requests i am getting 302
response code with correct sample time. So i have no issues with those

Could someone assist me to find out what could be the issue for the
incorrect sample time? and how can i resolve it to get the correct sample

Appreciate your inputs or resolution.
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Re: Fwd: Question

My expectation is that this is due to "embedded resources" processing.
Normally HTML pages contain images, scripts, styles, fonts, etc. and given
you recorded your test plan using  Recording Template
calls to these type of content are not included.

This is expected as real browsers handle "embedded resources" in a different
way: each "main" request to get content is followed by *parallel* requests
to the resources - this is not something you can implement manually using
JMeter Test Elements as per current version (3.3)

The solution is configuring your HTTP Request samplers to:

*Retrieve All Embedded Resources*


*Parallel Downloads*

The settings can be found at the "Advanced" tab of the HTTP Request sampler:


You can also use <a
configuration element to apply the settings to all HTTP Request samplers in
scope in a "single shot"

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