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Extract Value from Request Body content

Soumya Nayak
Hi All,

There is a requirement of extracting some values from the Request body content(dynamic body content) submitted in http request.
The http request is submitted as an XML request - the body content being picked up from multiple XML files from a folder. So have to extract some common tag values from these different XMLS to be used.

How can I achieve ?


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Re: Extract Value from Request Body content

You can use  JSR223 PreProcessor
to store the request body into a JMeter Variable like:

> vars.put('request', sampler.getArguments().getArgument(0).getValue())

Once done you will be able to use normal  XPath Extractor
<https://www.blazemeter.com/blog/using-xpath-extractor-jmeter-0/>  , just
set "Apply to: -> JMeter Variable Name to use -> request" and you will be
able to execute arbitrary XPath queries to parse your XML payload

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