Discrepancy in jmeter aggregate report and influxdb data

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Discrepancy in jmeter aggregate report and influxdb data

Sindhuja soundarapandian
Hello All,

We are trying to integrate jmeter with influxdb through backend listener
and found few observations,

i.e. By default backend listener pushes the record by every 5 seconds.

We found some discrepancy with JMeter aggregate report and influxdb data,
that the average response time gets mismatched with JMeter aggregate report
due to incorrect sample counts from jmeter to influxdb

For example, we ran the test for half an hour, consider If we have 120
entries for specific request in view results table with JMeter means here
we could see only 80-90 entries thus making the deviation in average
response time. We also changed the time interval to milli seconds and nano
seconds and compiled the source code of jmeter and tried replicating the
same but again there is no luck.

Query used in influxdb is

Select Mean(avg) from jmeter where application =~application and statut
=all group by transaction

Even in jmeter, average response time for specified label is calculated by
taking the average of all the times in view results table right so that we
tried to use the same formula in influxdb mean function too.

Am i interpreting wrong can anyone help me to resolve this issue? What
shall we done to push influxdb data as same as jmeter.

Any help is much appreciated.