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Alternative for Jmeter users list Gmail


As we are growing and also along with Gmail we can have some other

Recently I stumbled over a possible Gmail alternatives.

It’s features sound very promising - even better than Rocket.Chat AND they
offer free+hosted plan for open source projects.

Some of it’s best features:
Public archive (coming soon)
Allow search engines to index your chat, with a read-only view of your
public >streams. Zulip’s topic-based threading keeps conversations coherent
and organized, >enabling a meaningful archive.

Authenticate with GitHub
Allow (or require) users to authenticate with their GitHub account, instead
of with >their email address.

Permalink from issues to chat
Permalink to Zulip conversations from your issue tracker. Zulip’s
topic-based >threading keeps conversations coherent and organized.

Hundreds of integrations
Get events from GitHub, Travis CI, JIRA, and hundreds of other tools right
in Zulip. >Topics give each issue its own place for discussion.

Check out these links:

There is also slack.

What do you think? Should we request a free hosting offer and give it a try?