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API Rest Load test

Franco Garcia
Hi, i need some help here.
I'm doing some load test for some methods in wich i'm extracting tokens from the responses and use it like parameters for the next method.
The problem is that in some threads it's like the tokens mixes and some methods fails.
I want to know if it is a way to ensure that each thread runs separatedly of the rest but don't compromise the capability to run a lot of threads at the same time.

The structure is something like this:

Test Plan
                Thread Group
                               HTTP Header Manager
                Create Med User(http Request)
                               MedToken(JSON Extractor)
                Create Pacient
                               PacientToken(JSON Extractor)
                Pacient ask for turn (I pass the PacientToken in the body data)
                               TurnToken(JSON Extractor)

And so on..
Thank you so much!


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