3rd party Maven JMeter Plugin 2.5.0 released

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3rd party Maven JMeter Plugin 2.5.0 released

Philippe Mouawad
3rd party JMeter Maven Plugin 2.5.0 has been released with major
improvement done on dependency management.
Release notes:


   *Issue #94 Add the ability to start a remote server that is ready to
   accept connections.*

   mvn jmeter:remote-server

   *Issue #256 Add an option to exclude a dependency.*



   *Issue #255 Improve javadocs of mojo so that help displays useful info.*

   *Issue #229 The plugin Downloads excluded dependencies of the Extension.*

   *Issue #216 Capturing cyclic dependencies to avoid stackoverflow.*

   *Issue #211 Remove duplicate versions of the same transitive dependency
   by selecting the most up to date.*

You can read release notes:

   - https://github.com/jmeter-maven-plugin/jmeter-maven-plugin/b

Note this version uses JMeter 3.3.

Upgrading from 1.X and older 2.x versions is highly advised as last 2.4/2.5
versions provide:

   - ability to generate the new HTML report introduced in JMeter 3.X
   - better support of CSV format including the ability to fail build
   - Many bugfixes

*It appears old 1.X versions are still and by far the most downloaded
version for now. Please spread the message that upgrade should be done.*

Please note this project is a 3rd party project and has no direct relation
with ASF.

Philippe Mouawad.
Philippe M.